New Latest Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2021 Model | Stylish Pics, Review | Full Specs

Are you looking for Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2021? Then you can get all details about Honda 125 in this article. Keep reading this to know about full specifications, features, petrol average of 125 bike 2021 and much more. Everyone knew that  Honda is one of the top-selling brands in Pakistan, as well as in the world. It is also No 1 company in Pakistan because the citizens of Pakistan like it most. It is known because of its Durable, Reliable, and Value-to-money products.  The other Chinese companies are also in market but no one can compete Honda. Their prices are little bit higher than the other local automobile industry. But when we talk about the quality then the people just ignore it.

The 2021 year is revolutionary in the automobile’s field as many Automobile Companies have claimed to come with even new technologies and ideas. Honda 125 pic of new model are given below.

Here we will talk about these four reasons why the upcoming Honda CG 125 5 gear would be the best among its Competitors….

honda cg 125 2021 price in pakistan

You can check the honda 125 new sticker 2021 is looking good and unique from previous 2020 model sticker.

4 Reasons Why Honda CG125 2021 is Best in its Price-tag

  1. Engine

So, the first thing that comes in mind when one thinks about some automobile is about its engine. Honda CG 125 is powered by 125 CC Overhead Valve Engine(OHV Engine).

The type of engine used here is the same as before. So, if in-case, one needs some repairs, hundreds of Expert Mechanics are dealing with this kind of engine for a long time. Gear Shift is so Smooth that you barely can feel them shifting. This engine is more potent than that of Yamaha YB 125 Z, which is, said to be Its competitor. This engine gives you an average of 32-35 Kilometers per liter. Honda CG 125 is the best for On-Road as well as for Off-Road long drives. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 9.2 Liter (2 Liter Reserve). By getting these facilities in CG 125. Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2021 model will be high as compared to the previous model.

  1. Brakes

So, This Honda CG 125 Motorbike has more prominent drums on both of its wheels. That is the reason that this Motorbike has very smooth brakes, although disc brakes are not available. But these brakes provided work very well in all conditions either you are speeding or having an off-road journey.

  1. Look

The looks and the Sticker design provided by the company is cool, and of course, Honda CG 125 is known for its graceful and stunning looks. The model is available in two different colors, Red and Black.

  1. Comfortable

Honda CG 125 is Good at its Power and looks, but before this model it is considered one of the Un Comfortable Motorbikes ever. It is because of its powerful engine as due to high Power; the vibration rider feels increases. Now in this model, the vibrations are significantly reduced by giving a very Comfortable Seat-Bar.

Latest Pictures of Honda CG 125 2021 Model

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Cons of New Honda 125 in Pakistan

  • The “Pick” or the “acceleration” of the vehicle is very high, which means it can gain a very high speed in a short period. But because of this plus-point, it consumes a lot of fuel.
  • The demand for this vehicle could be increased by providing alloy rims and disk brakes.

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Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2021

New latest price of Honda 125 2021 in Pakistan is PKR 136,500 buy now at any official showroom of Atlas Honda Pakistan.


After checking all pros and cons of Honda CG 125, it’s price can be high. So, Honda 125 price in Pakistan 2021 will be a little bit high because the Pakistani government gets many taxes from the automobile industry. That’s why in Pakistan, every year, prices of the automobile increased. But it features from other motors 125 bike makes it useful for purchasing. Stay tuned with us to get the latest update about the price of the 125 2021 model. New Model is coming soon in market within 2 days.

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