Prize Bond List 2021 Online Check Schedule

Are you wonder to know about What is the Prize Bond List 2021 and Prize bond schedule 2021?>> THE Government of Pakistan started the National Prize Bond Scheme to borrow money from the people who can afford it at cheaper rates. In return, the Government Also gives cash prizes in lucky draws. Lucky Draw offers awards. Prize Bond is an offer by the National Savings Pakistan (Ministry of Finance).

Prize Bonds in Pakistan issued in series. Every series is limited to 1,000,000 bonds—each draw held in parts. Every part, the lucky winners’ area unit proclaimed via lucky attracts. These random attracts area units are drawn within the cities of the Asian country. It attracts concerning thirty-six times within the year. According to the department, every year, 70,600 Pakistanis win Rs.1.6 billion rupees in prize money. Prize Bond is one of the best investments in Pakistan. A Prize Bond is a lottery issued by the Minister of Finance. Also Check Prize bond Schedule 2021.

Types of Prize Bonds

 Prize bond are available worth Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40000 and Rs. 40000 Premium Bonds. These are different types of Prize Bond list 2021 based on their worth. Prize Bonds are available in denominations of Rs200, Rs750, Rs1500, Rs7500, Rs15,000 and Rs40,000. The biggest prize is Rs750,000 , its for a Rs 200 bond.

Prize Bond List 2021

Prize Bond
15000Friday04 January, 2021MuzaffarabadHeld
750Friday15 January, 2021HyderabadHeld
7500Monday01 February, 2021LahoreHeld
25000Monday01 February, 2021NAHeld
1500Monday15 February, 2021QuettaHeld
100Monday15 February, 2021KarachiHeld
40000Wednesday10 March 2021RawalpindiUpcoming
200Monday15 March 2021FaisalabadUpcoming
15000Thursday01 April 2021HyderabadUpcoming
750Thursday15 April 2021QuettaUpcoming
7500Monday03 May 2021RawalpindiUpcoming
25000Monday03 May 2021-NA-Upcoming
100Monday17 May 2021MultanUpcoming
Rs. 1500Monday17 May 2021KarachiUpcoming
Rs. 40000Thursday10 June 2021MuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs. 200Tuesday15 June 2021PeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 15000Friday02 July 2021QuettaUpcoming
Rs. 750Thursday15 July 2021LahoreUpcoming
Rs. 25000Monday02 August 2021N/AUpcoming
Rs. 7500Monday02 August 2021Karachi Upcoming
Rs. 100Monday16 August 2021FaisalabadUpcoming
Rs. 1500Monday16 August 2021MultanUpcoming
Rs. 40000Friday10 September 2021PeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 200Wednesday15 September 2021MuzaffarabadUpcoming
Rs. 15000Friday01 October 2021KarachiUpcoming
Rs. 7500Monday01 November 2021N/AUpcoming
Rs. 750Friday15 October 2021RawalpindiUpcoming
Rs. 25000Friday01 October 2021MultanUpcoming
Rs. 1500Monday15 November 2021FaisalabadUpcoming
Rs. 100Monday15 November 2021PeshawarUpcoming
Rs. 40000Friday10 December 2021LahoreUpcoming
Rs. 200Wednesday15 December 2021HyderabadUpcoming

Wining amount of Rs 100 Prize Bonds

Prize Bond Rs.
Prize Bond RS. 100/-01700,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-03200,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 100/-1,1991,0003rd Prize

Prize Bond List Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

  1. What is a Prize Bond?

Prize Bond is a lottery bond.

      2.What are the types of Prize Bond available in Pakistan?

The Prize Bonds in Pakistan are available worth differently. It goes like Rs. 100(Hundred), 200(Two Hundred), 750(7 Hundred and 50), 1500(15 Hundred), 7500(7 thousand 5 Hundred), 15000(15 Thousand), 25000(Hundred), 40000(40 Thousand).

      3. Who issues Prize Bonds?

Prize bonds in Pakistan are issued by National Savings and the Ministry of Finance.

       4. How Can the Prize of my winning prize Bond?

The owner has to fill the form and submit the following with photocopy of CNIC, Original winning prize bond.

       5. What is the Maximum Prize on Prize Bond one can win?

The Maximum Prize is 80,000,000. 

       6. Who Can Buy Prize Bonds?

Every Pakistan Citizen can buy the prize bond easily.

       7. Can I Buy Prize Bond Online?

 Prize bonds cannot be purchased online. 

8. What is the First Prize of Rs 100 Prize Bond?

The first prize is 700,000. 

      9. What is the First Prize of Rs 200 Prize Bond?

Its first prize is 750,000. 

      10. What is the First Prize of Rs 750 Prize Bond?

First prize is 15,00,000.

      11. What is the First Prize of Rs 1500 Prize Bond?

The first prize is 30,00,000.


Prize Bind is an excellent way to invest but always be careful of those who are there to dodge you by selling fake Prize Bonds and things like that. They will try their best to escape you. Always be careful of these guys and buy prize bonds throw authorized dealers. In case of any issue you may tell us in comment section.

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