Suzuki Swift 2021 Price in Pakistan, Images, Full Specs, Review

Birds are singing. It’s the end of August and it’s a beautiful summer’s morning. So what better way to show you around the car that the best way I can describe is a perfect example of just decent honest motoring. So, Want to know about suzuki swift 2021 price in Pakistan? yes! then lets start reading this article.

Is it true that it is exhausted with warning lights? discharged battery, broken starter motor, low fuel consumption, broken brake pads, the car consumes too much oil, the alternator fails, the radiator is leaking, transmission failure, the broadcast? Are there fluid leaks?

Suzuki Swift in Pakistan

So, Today’s review is about Suzuki Swift 2021 (manual variant). This car was launched in Pakistan in 2010 And since its price is raised by 1 million. Nowadays, its X Factory Price is 1995000. If you add Advance Tax and Registration cost. It costs you around 2090000 it costs you around 2090000depending upon the city you wish to buy it in as the price to Islamabad is a little higher. If you add the freight charges, then approx 2085000 is the cost. New model of Suzuki Swift 2021 price in Pakistan is comparatively high.

This price is exclusive of anyone who owns money. Suzuki Swift is a manual variant of 1328cc. You need to consider one thing that the registration cost of this car lies in the category of 1300-1500, you need to pay the registration fee of that category. There is no more money in this car. It is available in 5-6 colors. It’s a totally Pakistan assembled vehicle. When it was launched in Pakistan in 2010, few units were assembled internationally and were imported here as a CBU (Completely Built Units).

Suzuki Swift 2021 Specifications

So, keep reading Suzuki swift 2021 specs. The specifications this car carries are very good. It carries Immobilizer keys which makes car theft impossible. It carries ABS Brakes. What I particularly like about this car is that Yokohama tires are installed by Suzuki. You do not need to get a tire change after the purchase. It includes alloy rims/wheels as well. Both variants have built-in fog lights. You can say that it’s a complete car. You do not need to spend additionally on this. The car engine is 1328cc. Weight is 1050KGIt has a good pick as it carries a DOHC Engine.

Exterior OF 2021 Suzuki Car Swift

If you consider its engine with the body. Gives you a very good pick, just like a sports car. Gives you a good feel and control is great. In my comfort level, if I talk about my own preference. Then I can say that Cultus, Faw V2 and Kia Picanto are not as good as this car. In comfort and grip, this car is better than these three cars. More bodyweight of this car could be the reason for good grip and comfort as compared to those cars. Suzuki Swift price in Pakistan 2021 model is high than previous model.

Suzuki Swift Pakistan 2021 Pictures

2021 Suzuki swift pictures are available. All interior view, back view, front view and other images are here. For go to next pic, click on arrow.

Price Comparison

If we compare Swift with locally manufactured cars, the first one is Suzuki’s own Cultus, Cultus has three variants but we will talk about two of them. The fully loaded manual variant and Automatic. The cost of VXL is PKR 19,25,000 approx. after registration. The automatic variant, (which I don’t personally recommend)AGS (Auto Gear Shift) is a no choice for me because it gives you a jerk and vibration with every gear shift and its cost is PKR 20,45,000 approx. If you haven’t get price then let’s go down to see the suzuki swift 2021 price in Pakistan. 

When you compare it with Kia, which is a new entrant in Pakistan Auto Industry, Kia Picanto comes in two variants. Manual is approx. PKR 19,60,000 and Automatic is around PKR 20,60,000.In the 1300cc category. Suzuki swift price list is also available below.

FAW V2 is the only close competition. They both have the same specifications. Good quality Tires and rims are pre-installed by default, FAW V2 costs around PKR 16,60,000. There is a significant difference between PKR 500,000 between these two cars. You can check our review on FawV2 on our blog. 


The cost of Manual Swift is PKR 20,85,000 and the automatic is PKR 22,35,000If we compare the weight of these cars, it needs to be considered that we drive on Motorways and GT Road (Long routes), Suzuki Cultus body weight is 800kg, Kia Picanto is 850kg, Faw V2 is 900kgbut the weight of Suzuki Swift is 1050kg.

Therefore, the best option for long routes is the Suzuki Swift. Considering its weight and better stability. Unlike other hatchback cars, it does not sway due to wind on motorways. Its road grip is way better than all other hatchback cars It depends on one whether he/she prefers mileage over safety, road grip, and a good pick. For me, Swift will always be a better option. 

Cultus has a very light body and I think most of its body parts are not even repairable. Cultus feels like a disposable vehicle and might need a new part (body part) every time, in case of impact. If we talk about the cost of parts, Cultus parts are cheaper, FAW & 

Picanto parts are expensive. But you cannot regard Swift as very economical, car parts wise. You can compare Suzuki Swift and Honda City in the cost of the parts. They are more or less the same. 2021 model Suzuki Swift price in Pakistan is below. 

Drawback of New model Suzuki Swift

Let’s now talk about some drawbacks. The major attribute we all think of while buying a car is fuel. Though fuel prices nowadays are very high. the consumer is aware of the fuel consumption of this car and is not very fuel-efficient. One reason is that it has an above 1300cc engine. It’s a DOHC Engine and its pick is too good, so it consumes a little more fuel. On average, its proven mileage is 13km/hr within the city.

Obviously, I am talking about Islamabad because the signals and traffic jams are not frequent and the car does not stop often. On long routes (motorways), its mileage is 15km/hr. Its fuel economy is mostly criticized. If we consider the economy and the engine power, I think low fuel mileage is justified. Another drawback is its low resale value as compared to other cars. Let’s suppose, if I buy this car for PKR 21,00,000then the very next day, it will depreciate by 1 to 1.50 lacs. Another drawback is the time it takes to sell as it has a limited specific niche of buyers. Scroll down page to get latest Suzuki swift 2021 model price in Pakistan.

The customers who are more concerned about pick, power, safety & security usually buy Swift Although it has no airbags, it is capable of long routes due to its better frame and body weight Another flaw is that we are still driving old shape 2nd generation of Swift. There have been no changes, even the cosmetic ones, in Suzuki swift. Even after 10 years, we are driving the same shape of this car. Though it’s a very good car shape-wise and built aerodynamically, with a good road grip, still Suzuki could have introduced the new shape. 

Latest Suzuki Swift 2021 Price in Pakistan

New model of suzuki swift price in Pakistan 2021 is listed below. You can check all model price in this table.

Suzuki Swift DLX 1.3 Navigation
1328cc, Manual, Petrol
PKR 2,030,000
Suzuki Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation
1328cc, Automatic, Petrol
PKR 2,210,000


As a final verdict, having all these options (not considering the options of Japanese imported vehicles), once again I will opt for Swift due to its built-in good quality tires, rims, ABS brakes, parts are easily available. Its maintenance is very convenient. The maintenance cost (lubricants and filters)is around PKR 4000 to 5000 per 5000km.

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